What is test marketing center

Perfume as a preparation for an earthquake.

Would you like to develop with us?

Perfume that improves the survival rate at the time of a disaster This is a perfume that contains a substance that rescue dogs can easily smell out. If you pour it on your children on a daily basis, it will dramatically improve the chance of their being rescued at the time of a disaster such as an earthquake. Prepare for an emergency with a simple daily custom. The effect of a perfume usually lasts for four to seven hours after it is poured. We are working hard to find a way to overcome the barrier of the Golden 72 hours, which is considered at the time of a disaster. Spraying it every now and then protects the lives of your family members. It is being developed in the Disaster Countermeasures Division of the test marketing center.


Information about the company

Founded in 2000 and established as a company in 2001

test marketing center Limited Partnership

We would like to learn a lot of things from you.

★ Core Business Division

Garment Division
Music Division
Fisheries Divisio

★ Founder

・Makoto Saegusa

・Wataru Sugiyama

・Mariko Fuda

★ Operating officer

・Makoto Saegusa

★ Creator

Creative director / Kiyoshi Yamada

・Producer / Ryo Kaneda





Japanese Fashion Designer

Trick sters

★ trick sters on line shopping site

★ Artist ★


Managing Director / Naoto Koide


Producer / Ryo Kaneda

★ works


★ Artist



test marketing center Fisheries

fishing company

The name of the ship is wataru-maru

Our company sells for fishes.

test marketing center


test marketing center is an institution that serves as an instrument for presenting skepticism sometimes and new possibilities at other times in regard to the existing relationships between clothes and various factors surrounding them as well as the value systems involved.

・A little long tweet about social change and clothing

We think that a decrease in social contact reduces the role of the social sign of clothing (attire to be shown to others, including one’s individuality) and that the proportion of loungewear that fits each individual’s lifestyle increases. We don’t know whether demand for loungewear will increase, reducing the role and function of fashion and mode, or whether people will seek social connections, expanding the fashion and mode of loungewear. As a company we should allot more resources to the area of loungewear. However, we think that the test marketing center should not take such a position as to make facile products in response to a demand derived from social changes (clothing products for the medical field excepted).

After 12,000 years, are there clothes?

What kind of life does mankind who breakthrough technology singularity have?

Is there no concept like clothes or brands?

Clothes will be gone, the cloth will be gone, maybe it will get fluids and gas.

Material change phenomena, shape, function and design of your choice materialization phenomena, the (erogenization) era may come.

Imagination has changed the world and I will change it.

We will continue to imagine everyday to become a singular point of that genealogy.